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The Pros and Cons of Getting a Second Dog

You love your dog so much, you’re thinking about getting a second dog, because twice the canine equals twice the fun, right? Well, before you rush into making a decision, consider these pros and cons of getting a second dog.

When you adore your dog and have lots of fun together, it's natural to start thinking about adding a second dog to your pack. Twice the canine equals twice the fun, right? Or perhaps you're feeling worried that your dog gets lonely while you are at work all day, and wonder if they would be happier with a friend.


  • Your family will have twice the love to enjoy. No more fighting over who gets to sleep with the pup at the foot of their bed.
  • Your pet will have a playmate, if they want it. This can also keep your pet out of your hair when they’re bored and want to play.
  • More dogs enforce the “pack” feeling, and help your dog feel secure.
  • Some dogs do get lonely without a friend, and a second dog will alleviate this loneliness.
  • If your dog has separation anxiety, having another dog there may help. Another dog can be a valuable companion so your dog doesn’t miss you as much while you’re gone.
Well, before you rush into bringing home that new four-legged family member, take a moment to think through the big picture--both the benefits, and challenges.

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