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  • Garden Safety and Your Dog

    Garden Safety and Your Dog

    You may be itching to get out and dig in the garden and your dog probably is too! Consider taking some precautions before you start planning that beautiful spring landscaping project. There are some things that you shouldn’t use in your garden if you have a dog around.

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  • Your Pet's ID Information

    Your Pet's ID Information

    What would you do if your beloved dog got out of the house and ran away? It’s a scary thought, especially if your pet isn’t wearing an updated ID tag. Sadly, it happens too often, because many people forget to update their pet’s ID information when they move, or the little tags bearing the information simply fall off.

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  • Dog Parks

    Dog Parks

    Top 10 things to consider for keeping your dog safe and happy:

    1. Know your dog. Not all dogs enjoy meeting new dogs and it can be very stressful and overwhelming for them to be forced into this situation.

    2. Keep your dog healthy. Be sure your dog isn’t vulnerable to disease or picking up infections.

    3. Observe. Before deciding to bring your dog into to the park, spend a few minutes watching the other dogs and how they interact.

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