Do's and Dont's for Walking Your Dog

Walking your dog should be a fun and regular part of your day. Dogs love exploring the world outside their home, but before you reach for that leash, here are some important do’s and don’ts for walking your dog.

Do make sure your dog has proper identification just in case he gets away. An ID tag on his collar or a microchip with your contact details will help ensure that if your dog does get lost, whoever finds it will be able to reach you.

Call your dog to you to attach the leash, don’t go to him. This helps establish your leadership and set the tone for your walk.

Do choose a time that your dog is well-rested. It’s no use trying to go for a walk if your pet is tired after playing for hours.

Don’t walk your dog on concrete surfaces when the temperature is very hot or cold. Summer temperatures can burn your dog’s feet on sidewalks and streets, while freezing temperatures can lead to frostbite on the pads of your dog’s feet.  Dog boots can be found at most pet shops.

Do make sure that you get your dog’s full attention before you begin your walk. If your dog gets distracted, a gentle tug/release of the leash should get his attention.

Do walk with purpose and confidence, like the leader of the pack.

Don’t let your dog lead you. You are in charge of the pack’s safety and your dog needs to know that.

Don’t let your dog mark his territory everywhere you go. If he genuinely needs to go potty, lead him to a spot and use a command word. Remember to bring bags for solid ‘accidents.’

Don’t take the same route every time--this can be boring for you and your dog. Mix it up, but keep to places where dogs are welcome.

Never unleash your dog anywhere other than designated leash-free areas.

Never leave your dog unattended, tied to a tree or lamp post while you go into shops. He could feel very vulnerable and attempt to escape/flee or lash out at any ‘threats’.

Do enjoy your walks with your dog. Having fun with your dog is an important part of dog training after all.

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