Awesome Apps for Dog Owners

It seems like there are a million apps out there for everything, including pet owners. Here are some great apps for dog owners that will help you become a better pet parent.

Health Advice

If you’ve ever had a question about your pet’s health outside of regular business hours, you probably wished you had a veterinarian on hand to soothe your worries. Thank goodness for pet owners that the American Red Cross has its own Pet First Aid app. This app offers advice on pet care in both routine and emergency situations and can help you decide if your pet needs to see a veterinarian or if you can address the issue at home.

Pooch Protect is a handy app if your dog likes to eat everything that grows in your garden. Not sure if that plant your pooch just nibbled is toxic? Check with the app and react accordingly.

Travel & vacation

Need to know which hotels and rental accommodations allow dogs? Do your homework before you book with BringFido, an app that helps you identify and locate pet-friendly accommodations.

In case you need emergency veterinary care while you’re travelling, you can use VetFinder to find a vet wherever you are. This app does use user submitted data, so be sure to call the veterinary clinic before you go to make sure their information is still accurate.


Of course, the best training takes place with an actual trainer, but in case you can’t get to a Bark Busters (or if you need extra help between sessions), you can download Dogo. This app combines clicker training with several common commands to help your dog learn tricks and behaviours anywhere, anytime.

Nothing beats the training your dog will get with Bark Busters, so feel free to stop in and chat with one of our great trainers about all your dog’s needs today.

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