• How Does a Dog's Nose Work

    How Does a Dog's Nose Work

    You know your dog can smell its treats before they’ve even reached the bowl, but just how does a dog’s nose work? Simply put, dog noses are way more powerful than our human ones. Here’s a look at how your dog’s nose is perfectly designed for Man’s Best Friend.

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  • Car Safety - Dog Seatbelts

    You always wear your seatbelt when you ride in a car, but do you use one for your dog? Safety should be a priority for your pet every time you get in the car, so here are some reasons why you should use a harness, crate, or dog seatbelt when your pet goes in the car with you.

    You want to keep your dog safe

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  • Do's and Dont's for Walking Your Dog

    Walking your dog should be a fun and regular part of your day. Dogs love exploring the world outside their home, but before you reach for that leash, here are some important do’s and don’ts for walking your dog.

    Do make sure your dog has proper identification just in case he gets away. An ID tag on his collar or a microchip with your contact details will help ensure that if your dog does get lost, whoever finds it will be able to reach you.

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  • The Best Ways to Show Affection to your Dog

    Showing your dog love is one of the best ways that you can bond with them, but you need to know how to show affection the right way. Dogs aren’t like people, so what you think your dog may love may actually cause them stress. Here are some of the best ways to show affection to your dog.

    Respect your pet’s personal space

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  • What to do if Your Dog Starts Slipping Back into Old Habits

    You’ve spent a lot of time and effort training your dog to behave appropriately, but after a while, you begin to notice your pet slipping back into bad habits. It’s a common scenario, but thankfully, not as difficult to fix as you might think. Here’s what to do if your dog starts slipping back into old habits.

    Look at your own behaviours

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  • Reasons to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

    Reasons to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

    Before you seek out a breeder for your next dog, consider all of the benefits of adopting a dog from a shelter. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to adopt, not ‘shop,’ for your next pet. Here are some of the best reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter.

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  • Reasons Why People Dont Train Their Dogs and Why They Should

    A well-trained dog is a happy dog, but many pet owners don’t bother taking the time to properly train their pet. There are several reasons why people don’t bother to train their dogs:

    They feel dog training is unfair to the dog

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  • Enforcing House Rules for Your Dog with Visitors

    Enforcing House Rules for Your Dog with Visitors

    Dogs are a lot like children--they can get very excited when visitors come to your house--and it can be common for the ‘house rules’ to go right out the window in the excitement. Don’t let your visitors encourage your dogs to behave badly. Here are some tips to help make sure that your pet follows the same rules when guests are visiting as they would any other time.

    Guests and food

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  • Would you like your dog to be more responsive to you?

    Here are some tactics to help your dog understand what you want and don’t want from her and avoid confusion:
    Remain calm:  Yelling, using lots of words or commands, too much body movement will excite your dog and confuse your message.
  • How to establish a loving and respectful relationship with your dog

    How to establish a loving and respectful relationship with your dog

    Your dog is happy and relaxed when she feels safe and secure. Safety is more than a fenced yard and leashed walks. She must feel that her family (pack) is strong and will provide the needs of survival. If she feels that this leadership is missing, she will stress and make up her own rules.
    So, how do we achieve this sense of security so our dogs trust our decisions and heed our requests?
    How do we make sure they trust us enough and understand us to do whatever it takes to follow our rules?
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