• What to do if Your Dog Starts Slipping Back into Old Habits

    You’ve spent a lot of time and effort training your dog to behave appropriately, but after a while, you begin to notice your pet slipping back into bad habits. It’s a common scenario, but thankfully, not as difficult to fix as you might think. Here’s what to do if your dog starts slipping back into old habits.

    Look at your own behaviours

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  • Reasons to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

    Reasons to Adopt a Dog from a Shelter

    Before you seek out a breeder for your next dog, consider all of the benefits of adopting a dog from a shelter. There are many reasons why it’s a good idea to adopt, not ‘shop,’ for your next pet. Here are some of the best reasons to adopt a dog from a shelter.

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  • Reasons Why People Dont Train Their Dogs and Why They Should

    A well-trained dog is a happy dog, but many pet owners don’t bother taking the time to properly train their pet. There are several reasons why people don’t bother to train their dogs:

    They feel dog training is unfair to the dog

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  • Enforcing House Rules for Your Dog with Visitors

    Enforcing House Rules for Your Dog with Visitors

    Dogs are a lot like children--they can get very excited when visitors come to your house--and it can be common for the ‘house rules’ to go right out the window in the excitement. Don’t let your visitors encourage your dogs to behave badly. Here are some tips to help make sure that your pet follows the same rules when guests are visiting as they would any other time.

    Guests and food

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  • Would you like your dog to be more responsive to you?

    Here are some tactics to help your dog understand what you want and don’t want from her and avoid confusion:
    Remain calm:  Yelling, using lots of words or commands, too much body movement will excite your dog and confuse your message.
  • How to establish a loving and respectful relationship with your dog

    How to establish a loving and respectful relationship with your dog

    Your dog is happy and relaxed when she feels safe and secure. Safety is more than a fenced yard and leashed walks. She must feel that her family (pack) is strong and will provide the needs of survival. If she feels that this leadership is missing, she will stress and make up her own rules.
    So, how do we achieve this sense of security so our dogs trust our decisions and heed our requests?
    How do we make sure they trust us enough and understand us to do whatever it takes to follow our rules?
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  • Understanding Rabies

    Rabies may seem like a rare disease, and thanks to vaccinations it certainly occurs far less frequently in the pet population than it did years ago, but it’s a very serious disease that dog owners should be aware of. Here’s what you need to know about rabies to keep your pet safe.
    Rabies is a viral disease that’s spread through the saliva of an infected animal bite. Dogs aren’t the only carriers of the disease, though they are among the most common. Skunks, bats, foxes, and coyotes are also common rabies carriers.
  • Keeping Your Dog Safe at the Dog Park

    Dog parks can be a fun place to socialize your pooch and enjoy some time outdoors together. However, if your dog isn’t used to being around other dogs, does not enjoy being around other dogs or if your park is always very busy, it can be overwhelming for your pet. Here are some tips to help keep your pet safe and happy at your local dog park.

    Short visits when it’s not busy

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  • Tips for Back-to-School for Families with Dogs

    You may be looking forward to back-to-school time, but there’s a good chance that your dog isn’t so thrilled about it. After a summer filled with fun and attention from your child, your dog could feel lonely and bored when it’s time to head back to school. Here are some tips to help your pet with the back-to-school blues.

    Address anxiety early

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  • Follow These Tips for Taking Your Dog to Work

    If you’re lucky enough to work for an employer who allows you to bring your dog to work, you should definitely take advantage of the opportunity. After all, studies have shown that dogs in the workplace can be great for business! However, there are some things you should keep in mind before you bring your canine companion into your workplace.

    Know your dog’s personality. Not all dogs are suitable for the workplace, especially those that are hyperactive, nervous, or aggressive. If she isn’t comfortable around other people, you should probably leave her at home.

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