• Top 10 Favourite Quotes about Dogs

    Top 10 Favourite Quotes about Dogs

    Sometimes it can be difficult to express the love humans have for dogs and vice versa. Here are our top 10 favourite quotes about dogs that show dogs’ unconditional love.

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  • Bark Busters was the Best Decision I Ever Made

    Bark Busters was the Best Decision I Ever Made

    I was a successful advertising executive who always dreamed of becoming a dog trainer. But where does an ad guy go to learn how to be a dog trainer and a successful entrepreneur all at once? Well, he goes to Bark Busters, of course. Not only did I learn how to train dogs effectively, I also learned (and continue to learn) how to run a great business that I am very proud of.

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  • Summer Road Trip Safety Tips

  • Dog Influenza - What You Need To Know

    Dog Influenza - What You Need To Know

    With dog influenza in the news recently, pet owners face a lot of confusion over this illness. Here’s what you need to know about dog influenza, how it could affect your pet, and what you need to do if you suspect your dog is infected.

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  • Heartworm Prevention for Dogs

    April showers bring May flowers, but they also bring puddles of water that are the ideal breeding ground for mosquitoes. A bite from an infected mosquito can cause your dog to be infected with heartworm, a potentially lethal infestation that’s easier to prevent than cure. Here’s what you need to know about preventing heartworm in your dog.

    How your Dog is Infected

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  • Garden Safety and Your Dog

    You may be itching to get out and dig in the garden and your dog probably is too!  Consider taking some precautions before you start planning that beautiful spring landscaping project. There are some things that you shouldn’t use in your garden if you have a dog around. You can contact your vet for a complete list, but here are some of the most common gardening dangers for your dog.


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  • What's Really Behind Your Dog's Itching

    Everyone knows a dog loves a good scratch, especially if you’re the one doing the scratching. But, if your dog suddenly seems to be itching more than usual, it could be a sign that spring is in the air, and along with it, a few new reasons for your dog to itch. Here are a few reasons why your dog may be scratching more than usual this spring.

    Dry Skin

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  • Raising Awareness About Cruelty To Animals

    You love your pet with all your heart, but, sadly, there are people who aren’t as kind when it comes to animals. Animal abuse is a sadly overlooked issue that can affect not only pets, but livestock, racehorses, circus animals, and the poor animals used in laboratories. If you want to bring attention to this cause, you can choose to do so in many different ways. Here are just a few things you can do to raise awareness about animal cruelty.

    Volunteer at your local animal shelter

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  • Learn More about Puppy Chewing

    Most puppies will need to chew, much like a baby needs to teethe, when those new teeth are coming in.  Management is very important because everything is a potential chew toy when the desire to teethe is so strong.  Keep your pup in a penned area with items you don’t mind her chewing, such as bones, teething biscuits or chew toys.  If you use a toy, make sure it is not made of a brittle material that could break off and lodge in your puppy’s mouth or stomach.

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