• The 'dumbest' dog...

    I am tired of these articles that are meant to help people choose the 'right' breed of dog.  Yes, there is definitely something to be gained by evaluating one's own personal lifestyle and personality to choose a dog that is most suitable...but the gross generalizations of breeds can be misleading and limiting to those conscientious people that are set on doing their research before bringing a dog into their lives.

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  • Are you adapting your life to suit your dog?

    It strikes me as incredible what lengths people will go through to accomodate their dogs.  We all love dogs, and want what's best for them...but when does this 'love' go too far?

    Take the case of the family that has to suit up in hockey gear to put their dog to bed...I am not exaggerating...they literally suit up in body armour so that they can close the door on their dog's crate!  Is this necessary?  Is there another way?  What are we willing to do or better yet, to learn, to be able to deal with these situations?

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  • If your dog could talk...

    If Your Dog Could Talk 

    It is amazing what we can learn from the behaviour of our dogs. It’s very natural for people to reason and explain dog behaviour in a human way – it’s all we know! To start thinking more like your dog is the start to enriching your lives together.   

    The Top 10 Things your dog is trying to tell you:

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  • Dog bites are preventable



    You can prevent dog bites if you know what to do...

    Dogs usually give warnings before they resort to biting.  If you learn what to watch out for and what situations make dog's likely to feel uncomfortable, you can avoid bites.

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  • Who should be answering your door?

    Who should answer the door??

    (Contributed by trainers Brenda and Andy Ray of Simcoe County Ontario)

    Many dog owners tell us they don’t mind their dog barking when someone comes to their door. It’s seldom because they have trouble hearing the doorbell or knock. They associate their dog’s barking with the natural guarding and protective instincts many owners appreciate in their dogs. But if they understood what barking at the doorbell meant to their dogs, they wouldn’t let it happen.

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  • "Why doesn't my dog listen to me?"

    Why doesn’t my dog listen to me?! - by Guest Writer, Alana & Marco from Bark Busters Ottawa West. Clients often tell us that their dog does not listen to them. They only way they feel they can “control” a behaviour is by using verbal commands like sit, stay and down. The problem with this is that the dog may listen initially but the always go back to doing the unwanted behaviour. Read more
  • Be careful what you give your dogs to eat

    Some dogs will eat just about anything.  Especially during the holidays, it is important to be aware of the foods that could cause harm to your pet. 

    Foods dangerous to dogs:

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  • Winter time considerations for your dog...


    As temperatures drop and Canada is hit with snow and ice, take special care to protect your dogs from winter dangers.


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  • Does breed matter?

    Beagles sniff, Shelties bark, Huskies pull, Afghans run, German Shepherds guard, and Chihuahuas sit on laps.  How often are broad generalizations made about specific breeds of dog?  How much impact does a dog's breed have on its ability to be 'trained'?  

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