• Leash Training by Rob Scheel, Certified Behaviour Therapist and Master Trainer

    Leash Training by Rob Scheel, Certified Behaviour Therapist and Master Trainer 羅伯 • 謝爾 行為治療師和高級训狗師 如何使用牵引带散步

    Leash Training

    The introduction of your puppy to the lead must be done in a very gentle, patient way. Firstly, fit a soft collar ensuring that you can slip two fingers under the collar with ease. Be sure to use this two finger method weekly to check the fit of the collar as the puppies grow quickly. Allow five days for your puppy to get used to the collar before commencing with lead training. Keep Read more

  • Puppy Training for your new addition to the family

    Puppy Training by Rob Scheel is a Certified Behaviour Therapist and Master Trainer 羅伯 • 謝爾 行為治療師和高級训狗師 小狗訓練 Read more
  • Car Sick Pooch?


    Does your pooch get car sick? Young dogs and dogs that have conditioned themselves to worry because the end trip results in more stress (vet, rescue dogs being shipped around, etc) are most likely to get sick. Some quick tips, start by visiting the car and not going anywhere, getting treats in it and eventually going for short trips around the block and back home to build a new association.


    What Causes Car sickness in dogs?  There are 2 main reasons your dog may suffer from car sickness.

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  • Understanding how dogs view babies: The crucial step to introducing a new baby to a dog in a safe way.

    Bringing a new family member into your home is an exciting time for everyone.  Your dog is also interested in the changes that are happening.  Understanding how your dog views this new addition is key to ensuring safety and happiness in your family.


    Consider the below facts to help you learn how your dog views babies.


    1.  Humans use their hands, dogs use their teeth. So if a dog wants to prod, poke or push at something, chances are that they will use their teeth.


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  • Dozer is a 'handful'...trainer,Tim Girouard, restores peace & harmony

    This is Dozer... We recently underwent training in the Kitchener ON area with Tim Girouard. Dozer is a Victorian Bulldog/Boxer and a big giant handful. He would demand attention by barking and jumping on us. We could not have people over to the house, because he was relentless in getting their attention as well. He pulled like 1 ton horse when walking amongst numerous other behaviours.

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  • Should you allow your dog to engage in rough play at a dog park?




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  • Hunter at Christmas

    Hunter has been an aggressive little dog, and his owners are a lot happier with Hunter's behaviour. We are still working with Hunter, he is such a nice little dog, we just cannot give up on him. 

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  • A dog's Holiday experience


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  • Elaine Davies: a Day in the Park Recall Workshop

    A little note about our group lesson at Rocky Point Park in Port Moody


    A great day for the dogs, thanks to Benji, Charlie, Alex, Sysko, Reggie,  twas fun and we learned about recall on long leashes.

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  • Elaine Davies Vancouver East: A few thoughts about thinking dogs.

    Does a Dog Think?

    A short post about an example of a dog thinking.

    One afternoon I was working at my desk and the television was on. A dog agility program was on the screen and my dog Zach was lying on the chesterfield with his head between his paws watching the program. 

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