• Leash Free Park Grand Opening in Niagara Falls was a HUGE success!

    Many thanks to all Niagara residents who joined us this past weekend at the Grand Opening of the new Leash Free Park!  The park looks great and is a fantastic place to get your dog outside and running around safely!

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  • Grand Opening - Fireman's Park Leash Free Park - Niagara Falls

    Join us on May 26th as we celebrate the region's newest Leash Free park Grand Opening!  

    Tons of pet lovers, business and resources will be on hand from 11am - 3pm.  

    Pack up your family and join us for a great day!

    Location - Fireman's Park,  Mountain Road, Niagara Falls

    Time - 11am - 3pm

    Date - May 26th, 2012

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  • Want fulfillment? Considered fostering a dog in need...

    A big thanks to guest blogger, Jean Ross, of Chihuahua Rescue and Transport who contributes the following: 

    The Joy of Fostering a Rescue Dog

     Have you ever considered joining a rescue and providing a foster home for homeless dogs?  It can be a truly rewarding and fun experience for those of us who love dogs and enjoy volunteer work.

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  • What can we all learn?


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  • Is this dog 'good with children?'...Guest blogger, Corrie Yeoman of Westies in Need, explains...

    One question we are often asked by prospective owners who are considering getting a Westie (whether through rescue or from a breeder) is:  Are Westies good with children???

    I always advise people to: First train your children, and then train your dog!!!

    That is probably very good advise for all breeds, but perhaps more so with a terrier!

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  • The lost cause...puppy nipping dilema.

    Lost Cause?

    This is the story of a Rottweiler Puppy that at the tender age of 8 weeks already had two dog trainers call him a 'lost cause' and one of the trainers told the owners that this pup should be sent back to the breeder or be destroyed!  What would you do with this advice?  Luckily these dog owners found Bark on...

    Scott is a Bark Buster Trainer in Australia, here is his recent experience:

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  • Socialization considerations--a story by Sylvia Wilson, co-founder of Bark Busters

    Neighbourhood Disputes-High Anxiety Street.

    You have woken early as the sun is just peeping though the window and there is not a cloud to be seen anywhere.You are thinking it looks like a great day for a walk.

    You stretch your limbs straight out, wriggling your toes as you kick off the blankets.

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  • Is 'socializing' your dog with other dogs a good thing to do?

    Our dogs mean a lot to us and we want them to have the best life possible. We may feel that our dogs enjoy and need to romp with their own kind.

    Though that sounds ideal, consider that humans have spent thousands of years domesticating dogs so dogs would prefer humans over canine companionship. Do we really want to encourage dogs to play by canine rules rather than human rules yet at the same time demand more of them in their close relationships with us?

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  • The 'dumbest' dog...

    I am tired of these articles that are meant to help people choose the 'right' breed of dog.  Yes, there is definitely something to be gained by evaluating one's own personal lifestyle and personality to choose a dog that is most suitable...but the gross generalizations of breeds can be misleading and limiting to those conscientious people that are set on doing their research before bringing a dog into their lives.

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  • Are you adapting your life to suit your dog?

    It strikes me as incredible what lengths people will go through to accomodate their dogs.  We all love dogs, and want what's best for them...but when does this 'love' go too far?

    Take the case of the family that has to suit up in hockey gear to put their dog to bed...I am not exaggerating...they literally suit up in body armour so that they can close the door on their dog's crate!  Is this necessary?  Is there another way?  What are we willing to do or better yet, to learn, to be able to deal with these situations?

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