• Bark Buster Trainers, Ed Gariepy & Ashley Wilson

    Our showcased trainers this month are:


    Ed Gariepy of Kelowna, BC and Ashley Wilson of Kingston, ON.

    Read on to hear what a few of their happy clients have to say about their Bark Buster's experience and how Ed and Ashley helped them to enjoy thier dogs more!

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  • Do dogs show shame or guilt?

    Has the recent popularity of ‘dog shaming videos’ convinced you that dogs can feel guilt or shame and that they really know when they have been ‘bad’? 

    There have been great responses from experts in dog behaviour that help explain that it’s not the emotion of guilt that dogs are displaying, but a reaction to their owner’s actions—body language and voice tones.  

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  • Part 1 Preparing your dog for change ??? 6 months before baby arrival

    Part 1 Preparing your dog for change – 6 months before baby arrival



    What happens when someone with a really big hearts and a born knack for observation and learning from animals sees caring dog owners struggling to train their pets and save them from abandonment or euthanasia?

    They DO something about it so that people and dogs can have happier lives together!

    That scenario presented itself over 25 years ago in Australia and Sylvia and Danny Wilson began a company that could ultimately save dogs lives and help people enjoy life with their dogs.

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  • A great pack of trainers...


    We kick off the year by celebrating a few of the great trainers in Bark Busters Canada:

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  • Dogs Talking at the's natural!

    I went to visit my brother near Seattle last weekend.  He has 3 big dogs and I brought my 2 as well.  He wanted to take us to the local off--leash dog park for a bit of 'socialising'.  I don't usually take my dogs to these places but went to watch and learn...dogs are the best teachers when it comes to learning their language.

    I also learned a lot about people and how often they misinterpret dog's behaviours. 

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  • Things to consider this Halloween


    Halloween brings a fun time for most of us, but for some of our much-loved four-legged family members, Halloween can be a nightmare.

    Dog owners may not be able to control external surroundings, but they can care for their dog’s safety and well-being by observing the following tips from the world’s largest dog training company, Bark Busters:

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  • Bark Busters appears on CTV CanadaAM

    Bark Busters Canada's Lisa Marshall appears on CTV CanadaAM to talk puppy training 101 with Beverly Thomson!

    While on the show we quickly highlighted some of the typical problems people often run into when training a puppy. 

    Hiring a trainer will help to speed up the learning process with a one stop support shop during the puppies vital learning stages in that first year, helping to eliminate a lot of the frustration that can come with educating a puppy.

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  • Can you teach an old dog new tricks?

    Can you teach an ‘old dog’ new tricks?

    It turns out that you CAN!!! 

    This is Ernst and his 1 year dog, Schultz.  Ernst wanted a dog so he’d have companionship and to provide him with incentive to get outside and stay active.  Schultz had grown and learned to keep Ernst on his toes by not coming when called and making attach the leash a ‘chase me’ game.  This became a source of frustration for Ernst and he knew that he needed some professional help to be able to manage and enjoy his young dog.

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