• Elaine Davies Vancouver East: A few thoughts about thinking dogs.

    Does a Dog Think?

    A short post about an example of a dog thinking.

    One afternoon I was working at my desk and the television was on. A dog agility program was on the screen and my dog Zach was lying on the chesterfield with his head between his paws watching the program. 

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  • Elaine Davies Vancouver East: My Comments regarding Negative Corrections


    Negative corrections

    The ongoing debate, I ran into a dog owner this morning at her wit's end with her dog's behaviour. She has recently rescued a little mini pinscher who had been used for breeding purposes for the last five years. The woman had no idea of the "issues" that would come with the dog.

    Our converstion revolved around her body language and her dog's behaviours, in a few moments I was able to help her get some control over her dog. Not a perfect picture but much better than when she started her morning off.

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  • Meet the Bark Buster Trainer, Rob Scheel, Vancouver South

    Meet one of the top dog trainers in the country-- having the company awards, client referrals and vet endorsements to prove it!

    I am proud to be a Grand Master Trainer with Bark Busters.  I have trained over 1900 dogs and with this experience, I know I can help any dog to have a better life.

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  • Charlene's Bark Busters Experience

    We decided to call Bark Busters because we had no recall with Marley whenever he saw another dog.  He ran into busy Toronto streets more than once and finally we realized that we either GET PROPER HELP NOW or he would eventually get hit by a car!

    We tried other training techniques prior to Bark Busters.  We hired a private trainer when we were new puppy owners, but did not apply the tools we used.  We watched many doggie training shows and tried applying some of those principals ourselves, but without much success.

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  • Training success story - Primo and Bianca


    Sue MacInnes, Bark Busters trainer in the Niagara Falls area, shares another great story...

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  • Avoid Dog Bites

    Guest bloggers Marco and Alana Niederegger share a recent story on a joggers mishap during her run...


    Last Sunday morning at about 8:15 there was a tentative knock on our front door.  I opened it to find a woman who was noticeably shaken by a dog bite. She was in the middle of her weekly run when two dogs charged her and one of them bit her in the leg.

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  • Bark Busters Dog Trainer Profile - Monica Simpson, Toronto East



    So, you ask, how does someone with a background in acute psychiatry who also has a Masters of Science in Health, become a dog trainer?

    I’m not really a dog trainer at all. It’s ALL about teaching humans to communicate with their dogs in a language that dogs understand. That makes me more of a teacher.

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  • Trainer Profile: Tim Girouard - K/W, Guelph, Cambridge


    Hello fellow dog lovers, my name is Tim Girouard and I am the Bark Buster Dog Trainer for Kitchener, Waterloo, Cambridge, Guelph, Stratford, Brantford, Paris and surrounding areas.

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